The 100th Love With You(2017) movie

Getting into this i was sure there will be a bucket of tears and regret after for even letting myself watch sad movie against better judgement. Luckily it was not that bad.
Aoi Hinata(Miwa) is at good place in her life. In a week she will go to London to further her studies. Day before that is the festival where she will hold a concert with her band. She is main vocal and playing acustic guitar, her calm and cool childhood friend aka guy she likes Riku Hasegawa(Kentaro Sakaguchi) plays main guitar while Naoya(who has a crush on Aoi) plays bass, and Tetsuto is on drums. There is also Aois' best friend, Rina(Erina Mano) who is quite fashionista and helps out with festival decoration. Now if only Aoi didn't fall asleep on literature class and professor didn't notice, life would be quite perfect. Aoi woke up because book she used as a cover fell to the floor. Professor picks it up and hands it to her continuing his lecture.
As she prepares for festival, and her departure, she ponders on her attraction for Riku, is it worth mentioning now, when she is leaving? Her nervousness for last gig with band is also getting more and more prominent, but Riku is as usually completely calm. Group is having fun on their last summer together. Riku is kind of distant and spends a lot of times reading about physics and relativity and such. Aoi is little jealous when she sees him with physics assistant, a beautiful, mature girl, but doesn't do anything(how about confessing girl?). While we are at confessing, Naoya gathers courage to tell her how he feels. Unfortunately she doesn't feel the same but is unable to say no properly. She talks about it with Rina who gets angry that Aoi is stringing Naoya who liked her for a long time. This outburst makes Aoi realize that Rina likes Naoya but was unable to do anything because of his love for Aoi. She feels miserable about it and as festival comes everything feels wrong. They come to the stage but Aoi just stands there frozen. After, Naoya is trying to lift the mood but Aoi excuses herself to take some air. She walks crying and a paper falls out of her pocket. She pushes past people to get it, ending in the street on the path of incoming car. Crash. People gather around ambulance. Riku pushes trough the croud with the look of horror on his face.
Aoi wakes up behind her book on her literature lecture, standing up and allerting everyone. Professor comments on her sleeping and she feels embarrased. Later she has practice with her band and she tries to tell her group that she came a week back but they laugh it off as her dream. She is disappointed that no one believes her and sits outside. Riku comes to sit with her and reveals of knowing she did come back. He brings her to his room and shows her his secret: he can turn back time with a record. She doesn't believe him so he shows her. And... she wakes up behind her book on her literary class. This time not allarming anyone. It is so shocking that she runs out meeting Riku on the bridge. They talk and he reveals of using this quite often, whenever he needed time. First time they met he sang her a song while playing a guitar, he reversed time so to be able to learn to play guitar since he never played it before. Aww. For her birthday he had an idea of giving her chocolate record that can actually be played. His uncle told him that it is impossible since he doesn't have enough time. Riku reversed time and made it. When he brought it for her, first time she ate it so he was sure to take it from her and play it second time. If someone did this for me i'd marry him right away. They decide to return time a year back and do it over. And boy, oh boy, what a year they have. But, the time is passing and her departure date is getting closer. The closer it is getting, Aoi is becoming more nervous for it. Riku promisses to find a way for her to live. But he fails. And again. And again. Making him desperate while options become spars. And Aoi becomes sure of what is to be done.

Tbh, after movie finished, i didn't regret watching it. What i felt was content, that it was the best possible solution to the situation created. It did get a little repetitive with all the, well, repeating of the things that happened but every time i looked for things that changed so it was ok.

Boku Unmei no Hito Desu episode 10(final)

Makoto comes to office only to be greeted by his co-workers, all eager to tell him that there is another bonus opportunity. They want to make him do it and again treat them to something nice. Last time i checked it is called leech. They make excuses that boss seems really down, which actually is true.
Haruko and Yotsuya are at lunch and Yotsuya comments on how different Haruko is now. She also has a news: Sadaokas' parents liked her. Collapse )

Season End Drama Ratings

Wrapping up on some loose threads this week so that we can see what was the fave of the season.
Top of the pole goes to third season of Code Blue. It stars Aragaki Yui, Toda Erika and Yamapi, what more is to say. Plus i expect it is good. The ratings, though pretty good, with 14.63% were not earthshattering. Last episode however did record 16.4% which is amazing.
Second place is for our finally finished taiga drama Onna Joshu Naotora. With Shibasaki Kou as the lead, it recorded average of 13.08%. Not impressive.
Third place goes to Kahoko no Kahoko. Starring Mitsuki Takahata as our princess who meets common people, it recorded solid 11.47%, thus beating Takei Emis' Kurokawa no Techo(remake of 2004 hit series) by 0.11. Though to be quite fair, Kurokawa no Techo did have just 8 episodes. If it didn't, well, who knows.
Except those 4, only 3 other managed to stay above 10% mark: Keiji 7-nin 3, Iryu Sousa 4 and Kanna-san!.
But, interestingly, none of the series were under 2% mark. Even the late night ones. At the bottom of the list is Shimokitazawa Die Hard which to be honest sounds interesting enough for its 2.03%.

I did include Onna Joshu Naotora because it aired its last episode. If it didn't, second place would go to Kahoko no Kahoko and third to Kurokawa no Techo.

Boku Unmei no Hito Desu episode 9

Makoto gets cautioned by God that spending the night together -last challenge- is more important than he thinks. You can see if you are compatible with the person you are spending time. Don't mess up!
At work, Midori reveals to Makoto that she and Goofy went to eat 3 times already. Goofy is uncomfortable and asks if they can not talk about it at work, she should go eat with ladies. This reminds Makoto to ask about place to eat and they somehow end up talking about Collapse )

Boku Unmei no Hito Desu episode 8

Haruko tells her parents she won't be there for dinner and as soon as she is out Mom spills the beans about her having a boyfriend. More important, it is Masaki-kun from water company. Dad is thrilled knowing that they had to do with two of them getting close.
While Makoto is working, Midori brings him some papers. She quetly thanks him for apparently, Goofy bought her ring. Aww. He denies it out of embarrasment but we all know its him. Scowly tells Makoto that night he is to come to bar cause him, boss and Goofy are to discuss some important things. Why none of the other guys were aware of this? Makoto(sadly) has to cancel his plans with Haruko who ends up going out with Yotsuya.
Collapse )

Boku Unmei no Hito Desu episode 7

Yotsuya wants to make Haruko go watching wedding dresses and asks if she is preparing for marriage but Haruko thinks it is too early to contemplate that. Girl, you have no idea how wrong you are.
Makoto arrives at office all happy but there is a gloomy cloud in there. Goofy tells him that Scowly didn't utter a single word since he arrived. At that moment Sadaoka from his office across the street waves at Yotsuya at her office and Scowly looses it. He starts talking down everyone for using office for other things than working(look whos' talking) and while boys are trying to be nice, Red Loving Girl(whos' name is Midori and i will remember it cause she deserves it) calls him on talking about nice Yotsuya till yesterday. He says Collapse )

Boku Unmei no Hito Desu episode 6

I went little overboard with length of this one but if you are watching this you know that every detail counts. Tried to get some stuff out and later regreter it cause they called it in one way or another. Will try to make it shorter in next one.
Goofy friend gets pestered to take red loving Female coworker to dinner since he lost arm-wrestling match. He obviously doesn't want to but girl is like a dog with a bone. All the conversations shift to Scowly colleague when he appears looking like he came out of flood and asks Masaki to go drinking after work. The reason is this: That morning he went jogging and caught a familiar scent. A scent of Yotsuya. Collapse )

Boku Unmei no Hito Desu episode 5

I had a lot of trouble over finishing last episodes' recap. Lets keep it up, i'll do my best.
Makoto and Haruko are in restaurant and i think he is in disbelieve that she is there. They talk about his friend, the owner, when Haruko freezes. She saw her Daikaiyama Key, the sumo wrestler she supported for years, just enter the place and is talking friendly with Makotos' friend. Makoto asks if she wants to be introduced but she declines though continues to fangirl over him. The owner approaches and Makoto spills the beans over her being die-hard fan and The Owner asks if she would like to go to retirement ceremony. Her mind Collapse )

Sensei! (2017)-movie trailer

First Yamapi and now Ikuta Toma in teacher-student relationship movie. To compare or not to compare, the question it is.
For now i'll say that i like this trailer and Ikuta Toma is always awesome. Hirose Suzu is one lucky, lucky girl to be in this movie and then with Fukushi Sota and Sho Sakurai in next one.
Someone is fates' favorite...
I am not entirely comfortable with premise but i surprisingly do not mind this pair though i ship Ikuta Toma with older girls in general. I guess i will have to wait and see.

Bleach (2018) movie teaser irritation

For some time i really liked Bleach manga. And i really like Fukushi Sota. But i don't necessarily like them together.
Till now i had no courage to look teaser for Bleach the movie though it was out more than 2 months ago. And to be honest it sucks.
We see that there is Sota Fukushi in it and it is directed by guy behind Gantz(and Library Wars which i both liked). Glimpse on Sotas' face while there is fire behind and thats it.
Yes, fair part of me wants to say CGI looks nice. And yes, Sota has background in Kamen Rider and is pretty athletic so he won't have problem with action part of the movie. But who listens to logic these days anyway.